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LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is more commonly known as Butane and Propane.

Propane is most commonly packed in red cylinders. The sizes we stock are 3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg, 19kg and 47kg

3.9s are mainly used by plumbers, painters and DIYers who need a small portable cylinder

6kg and 13kg are commonly used in BBQs and patio heaters

19kg are mainly used for catering applications.

47kg are used by homeowners who would like gas heating and hot water but are not on the gas mains network. It is safe and convenient and when coupled to a four pack change over system, very easy to use with virtually no input from the homeowner. Click here to see how a four pack system works. They are also used to power space heaters to provide a flexible and instant means of heating large indoor areas

Propane cylinders can also be used on forklifts and floorsweepers with 12kg and 18kg liquid take off cylinders


Butane is generally packed in blue cylinders. The sizes we stock are 4.5kg, 7kg, 12kg and 15kg.

Butane is traditionally used in mobile cabinet heaters, which are a safe, convenient and cost effective means of supplying localised mobile heating for the home, office, shop, warehouse or other workplace. It is safe to use as the heaters employ an oxygen depletion sensor and a flame failure device.


Patio Gas

Patio Gas is packed in green cylinders and is available in a 5kg and a 13kg. These are used on modern day leisure appliances, such as BBQs and patio heaters.

Another use for LPG is electricity generators. With propane costing less than 60p per litre it is far more cost effective than petrol and the cylinders provide a far better means of storing and transporting the fuel. Other uses include shrink wrapping, gas lighting, pheasant rearing and weed clearing. The list is endless for this safe, convenient and economic fuel.

We have an autogas pump on our premises which enables you to fill your car, once converted, to run on clean and environmentally friendly autogas at half the price of petrol.

We can fill your vehicle during our regular business hours:

    Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 5pm

    Saturday: 9am-2pm

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13kg, 19kg and 47kg Propane Gas, with 12kg and 18kg Black Top Forklift Cylinders 13kg, 19kg and 47kg Propane Gas, with 12kg and 18kg Black Top Forklift Cylinders
Four Pack Change Over System Four Pack Change Over System
4.5kg, 7kg and 15kg Butane Gas Bottles 4.5kg, 7kg and 15kg Butane Gas Bottles



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