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Camping Gaz


Bristol Gas Supplies are a leading distributor of the full range of both disposable and refillable Camping Gaz cylinders. The practical, convenient and safe way to store and use gas in small quantities.  Whether you are camping, hiking, caravanning or back packing, Camping Gaz have a cylinder to suit you. For further information on Camping Gaz click here to visit their website.


Refillable Cylinders


Intended for regular use or for extended operating times, Camping Gaz refillable cylinders are equipped with a safety valve and can be unscrewed from the appliance even when they are not empty. These are exchangeable in many countries including France, UK, Germany and Italy, just hand in your empty cylinder and exchange it for a full one.



Camping Gaz
Refillable Cylinder 901
Contains 0.4Kg

Camping Gaz
Refillable Cylinder 904
Contains 1.8Kg

Camping Gaz
Refillable Cylinder 907
Contains 2.75Kg


Valve Cartridges


Camping Gaz offers a complete range of valve cartridges operating appliances that cover most consumer uses including cooking, lighting and DIY.


C206 for use with Camping Gaz pierceable appliances. Contains 190g of butane/ propane mix allowing the cartridge to perform better at lower temperatures.

CP250 contains 250g Butane.
Ideal for use with the Camping Gaz Bistro.

CV270 for use with the Camping Gaz Easy Clic appliances. Contains 230g of butane/ propane mix. A high security self sealing valve ensures the cartridge can be easily disconnected and reconnected
even when not empty.

The CV470 Gaz Cartridge is the same as the CV270, but with 450g of butane /propane mix instead of 230g.




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