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Space Heaters


Purchase or Hire

When you need to heat a larger area rent or buy a space heater from us. Our range is changing all the time so that we can bring you the very best heaters at the very best prices.

Below are a few examples from our range.

Sip Propane Space Heaters


   All Sip Propane Space Heaters come with a 2 year warranty
   Corrosion resistant stainless steel casing - eliminates rusting and
     prolongs product life
   Lightweight and compact design
   Comes complete with gas hose and propane regulator
   Fitted with a stainless steel combustion chamber
   Automatic gas shut off
   Rugged burner chamber end protection grid
   Leading Piezo electric ignition
   Ideal for use in factories, warehouses, garages and workshops
   Turbo fan assisted

We also have a range of diesel & paraffin heaters in stock.


Fireball 41S

Fireball 61S

Fireball 111 DVS

Fireball 181 DVS

Fireball 201 DVS

Fireball 301 DVS


Fireball Model 41S 61S 111 DVS 181 DVS 201 DVS 301 DVS
Kw Min. 13 Fixed 15.3 Fixed 16 30.7 46 48.0
Kw Max. 30 50 70 81.7
Btu’s Min. 44,500 52,000 54,500 105,000 160,000 164,000
Btu’s Max. Fixed Fixed 102,500 171,000 240,000 279,000
Kg/Hour Min. 0.93 1.09 1.12 2.20 3.3 3.44
Kg/Hour Max. Fixed Fixed 2.10 3.57 5.0 5.84
Our Price excl. VAT £109.00 £119.00 £189.00 £239.00 £329.00 £359.00

All prices include regulator and hose. VAT at the current rate must be added.




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